TSS Rovers Staff 

TSS FC places a great deal of importance on the quality of instruction. New instructors, no matter how experienced, spend months shadowing existing staff members to learn how TSS FC implements its player development model. In essence, TSS FC believes that coaching at the youth level is about teaching, which is why we see our staff as instructors more than anything. TSS FC also believes that coaching must be done with professionalism, enthusiasm, and personality. Not everyone can teach. Often it takes a certain personality, a certain aptitude. Taking coaching courses, reading coaching materials, and shadowing peers are all good steps towards building knowledge. Having played the game is also an important source of knowledge. But having knowledge and having the ability to impart that knowledge are two completely different things. TSS FC understands that distinction and continually works towards providing its staff with the tools necessary to become effective teachers. And like the players themselves, the staff at TSS FC are evolving. We don't presume to have all the answers. Teaching performance-based youth sports can never be an exact science because human beings are far too complex and unpredictable, but we are continually striving to become better at what we do.



Colin Elmes

Technical Director/Boys Director


Colin is the Technical Director and co-owner of TSS FC and Total Soccer. With countless years of coaching experience, Colin implements all aspect of technical direction for the club and academy.

Brendan Quarry

Operations Director


Brendan is the TSS FC Operations Director and co-owner of TSS FC and Total Soccer. With more than 20 years of coaching experience, Brendan oversees all day to day operations at TSS FC, as well as instructs the Rovers II Women.


Kevin Booker

Girls Director

Kevin has been a member of the TSS staff for a number of years and has a wealth of experience. He oversees the entire girls program, as well as instructs a numbers of TSS FC teams, including the Rovers I Women (1st Team). Kevin is also the Girls Director at Total Soccer.

Primary Instructors (boys)


Darren Russcher

U18 Boys

Darren has been an instructor with TSS for a number of years. Having coached youth players for over 10 years, Darren is currently the Primary Instructor for the TSS Rovers U18 Boys, where he manages a pool of players that play in 2 different levels of the Fraser Valley Soccer League.


Will Cromack

U15 Boys | U13 Boys BCSPL

Will has been coaching for over 10 years at the youth level and has been instrumental in building our TSS Rovers brand. He is a former UBC player, a former BC Team, Canadian youth, Canada games and Vancouver 86er player. 


Bob Mann

U13 Boys BCSPL Intake

Bob has coached at various levels and age groups over the last 10 years. He instructs in the academy and currently runs the TSS Rovers U13 Boys BCSPL Intake. Bob recently participated in the very first offering of the Canada Soccer Children's License in BC.


Aaron Saint-Cyr

U11 Boys | U12 Boys

Aaron has been a part of TSS for 3 years where he oversees the entire boys academy program. Aaron is the primary instructor for the TSS Rovers U11 Boys and the TSS Rovers U12 boys. Aaron is also the Boys Director at Total Soccer

Primary Instructors (girls)


Kevin Booker

U18 Girls | U16 Girls | U13 Girls

Kevin has been a member of the TSS staff for a number of years and has a wealth of experience. He oversees the entire girls academy, as well as instructs a numbers of TSS FC teams, including the Rovers I Women (1st Team). Kevin is also the Girls Director at Total Soccer.


Greg Sawers

U13 Girls BCSPL Intake

Greg has been involved in the game for over 20 years and represented our Canadian National team in the U-15, U-17 & U-19 development pool. He is also a proud product and one of the original graduates from Total Soccer.


Mike Morin

U12 Girls

Mike has been coaching for 14 years, a number of which have been with Total Soccer and TSS FC. He currently runs the U12 girls to help them prepare for the BCSPL intake season.


Cami Gomez

U11 Girls

Cami has been coaching  at Total Soccer since 2018 where she regularly trained as a youth player. She went on to play for the Whitecaps REX program and represented Canada on the U15 and U17 National teams. Cami currently runs the TSS FC girls, along with TSS FC Instructor, Kassia Hayek.


Kassia Hayek

U11 Girls

Kassia is a product of one of the original TSS FC teams and then went on to play university level soccer. She later returned to instruct at Total Soccer and now runs the TSS FC U11 girls, along with TSS FC instructor, Cami Gomez.

"The role [of the instructor] is not to devise ways to win soccer matches at the expense of a player's development or enjoyment. As difficult as that may be at times, this is perhaps the most important factor in the success of the instructor. Too often there is a disconnect between messages and methods applied in training and those applied in games."