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Player Sponsorships

Show your support for the TSS Rovers by purchasing a player sponsorship for the 2024 League1 BC season!

Purchasing a player sponsorship is a unique opportunity for partners or fans to directly contribute to the team's success and sustainability. By sponsoring a player, individuals or companies not only provide vital financial support to cover expenses such as player per diems, travel, and medical costs throughout the League1 BC season but also demonstrate their commitment to supporting local talent and fostering community engagement. Player sponsors play a crucial role in enabling the club to compete at the highest level while reinforcing the bond between the team and its supporters, as each sponsored player becomes a tangible representation of the partnership and dedication to the sport.

Each sponsorship includes supporting one (1) player from each of the men's and women's teams (total of 2). Applicants may request their players or have them assigned. Players will be offered in the order the applications are received.

Benefits Include: 

  • Business logo or supporters name listed under each player's profile on the TSS Rovers roster page (and in any match day program, subject to being produced)

  • Signed player jersey presented to the Business or Supporter by each player at a regular season home game including picture with each player (provided as a digital file) 

$575 per sponsorship

If you're interested in purchasing Player Sponsorships, please send an email to

Rovers adults
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