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The TSS Rovers Community Giving Fund


The TSS Rovers Community Giving Fund  was born from years of supporting the communities we live in and the people who live here.


With an ever pressing need to develop increasingly capable and aware youth, the TSS Rovers Community Giving Fund was created to mentor, model and engage the Rovers growing community and audience in lifting up those less fortunate than we might be and creating a serious place for people to actively participate in a journey of giving. We aim to support people to share their time, treasure and talent, on their terms and in their own way.


In partnership with our Spirit of the Rovers Supporters Trust, the Total Soccer Academy, our TSS FC youth club, Vancouver Athletic FC, our growing corporate partnerships and of course the legion of supporters like the Swanguardians,  the TSS Rovers Community Giving Fund works to be a vehicle that can enhance our mission of teaching excellence, using the vehicle of soccer, to deliver many of these necessary lessons, all while making an impact in our community and world

"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand."

--Nelson Mandela


Teaching excellence in humanity through sport

Charitable thinking and programming that is built right into the fabric of our soccer teaching and club ethos. 

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Areas of focus

The TSS Rovers Community Giving Fund impacts various verticals in our community to achieve our mission

What we do

We are teaching kids to be leaders and take care of others, right from where they are

Embedded in our Developmental model is purposeful philanthropy which supports players to improve their game while making a difference in their community.


The Rovers team offers their own time and talent to support youth who are unable to attend proper training to access and participate as much as we can. With our Van Athletic partnership we hope to grow that significantly.


We believe caring for your community is a key development trait that all players should be exposed to.  From volunteering to earning charitable rewards, to supporting the growth of the game itself. 

Some of the projects The TSS Rovers Community Giving Fund Supports

- Scholarships

- Prideraiser

- Tickets

- Play Better / Development Challenge

- Rovers League1 Player Development

- Volunteering

- Awasi Rovers

...and much more...

The TSS Rovers Community Giving Fund is a formal organizing of work and ideas that we will now look to grow making a bigger impact. 

The Rovers Community in action.  Donate today and have it doubled!

Research show us...

Kindness and generosity need to be taught and modeled

A recent study shows evidence that giving to others makes young children happy-even happier than when they are receiving. 

Giving Leads to Happiness in Young Children:


Lara B. Aknin, 

J. Kiley Hamlin, 

Elizabeth W. Dunn

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The Catherine and Diana Lunde Family Foundation

No matter what illness or ailment, nurses take care of everyone as equals

Catherine and Diane Lunde both passed after tough battles with Cancer and Parkinson's disease. They were mother and daughter and both nurses.  Similar to  how a nurse approaches a new patient, our mission is to honor that type of selfless spirit and teach our next generation about giving through the vehicle of sport. 


Everyone has something they want to change in the world.  The Catherine and Lunde Family Foundations goal is to help the next generation create the change they want to see in the world. They have donated $25,000 in matching funds to amplify their mission. 


  • Empower youth to make their own giving decisions and to learn from them

  • Develop socially conscience youth who will solve future problems we don’t know about today

  • Increase community engagement 

  • Make sure they have a place to play and learn

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How does it work

Support the players and the club by participating.  Donate today and have it doubled

The TSS Rovers Community Giving Fund will put your money to work in areas that will most impact our growing community and share those stories throughout the year. 


  • Community members are invited to make a donation 

  • All donations matched

  • Instant tax-receipting

  • New and exciting giving opportunities surfaced throughout the year

  • Give to the Fund

  • Receive a match & instant tax receipt 

  • Rovers deploy the fund to support the community make a difference

Growing a powerful community by lifting up the community

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