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To the Parents and Friends of the mighty TSS Rovers,

We need to show the world what is possible.

What a state this world is in. It’s a never ending barrage of tough news in a world that has done

very little but chase the dollar over building stronger communities and trust. We’ve prioritized

climbing the ladder over strengthening families and the bonds we make at places like our little

soccer club. Big statements by a little soccer coach but go with me for a few minutes please.

And yes, I am guilty of it too so this isn’t a tirade on what others do poorly and I do better. No,

we are all in the same boat and if it isn’t clear to you by now, that dingy has sprung a leak.

I left my own businesses after years of 80 hour work weeks and less family time than I wanted

and I prioritized giving as my way of making a difference. Giving of my time and talent, and

when I had saved any up, some of my treasure. To be honest it was probably selfish at the very

beginning of my giving journey. My Dad was sick and I wanted him better and as I exited my

own businesses I was just hoping for some inspiration. Give and you shall receive as the old

saying goes. I wasn’t smart enough to be a doctor and support my old man so I opted for help

something and the Karma Gods might help me. That’s all I had but I leaned in on giving…

Soccer is my life. It’s what I get up in the morning thinking about and what I go to be at night

inspired by. All forms from little ones to older ones, to the coaches and the stadiums. From pro

to grassroots. Soccer. A game.

I already know what you are thinking. My wife thinks I'm an odd duck too. I often wonder who would

think it is a good idea to cohabitate with someone so obviously obsessed but somehow she

does and I am grateful the kids have somebody with two feet on the ground, while I trapse

rubber pellets through our house nightly.

I already know what you are thinking. My wife thinks I'm an odd duck too.

Now, for a long time I have considered the soccer obsession and I’ve come to the conclusion

that it really isn’t soccer that it’s all about. That may be the starting point but what inspires me

about the game is the connections. The global conversations and the joy that a little round ball

can bring so many people around the world. You can walk in a gas station with your colours on

and the attendant will talk your ear off for 20 minutes. You can go to the beach on a sunny

holiday and watch little kids playing pool side for hours, yelling and screaming like it is the World

Cup. It’s the connecting at the pub watching your favourite club or wandering down to watch the

local youth U14 team out on the grass pursuing excellence. And for me it’s calling my kids to

talk about the game and then right after hanging up getting a call from my Dad to talk about it all

over again. Maybe I’m lucky. No, I am definitely lucky.

The global conversations and the joy that a little round ball can bring so many people around the world.

I like other sports and the athletes that play it but like our local businesses so much of it has lost

the full experience of community. Corporate seats and hanging out on your phone instead of

cheering on the team. I’m not an idiot either, you need some capital to keep the dream alive but

we’ve pushed the essence of the sport away. Professionalization of our youth and forgetting to

teach young people about being a part of something bigger than them. A True team. Nobody to

climb over to get to the top, just people to work with to make things better and more fun. We’ve

missed out on how sports can support us educate everybody that working towards the common

good is a worthy ambition.

Simply giving of yourself.

TSS Rovers get a lot of my time and so-called talents but it’s the gifts I receive when talking to

my fellow coaches, as friends, and watching the kids compete for each other that keeps me

going. The very proof a community can exist, pursue its objectives, and yet still have room

inside the vision for everybody to make a difference to each other.

We have built something special and every person that comes into our club has a chance to

bring their time, treasure and talent to support the next part of the journey. Nobody need be

obsessed like the coaches you see but you are accepted and you are invited to step off the

sidelines and participate in the growth of a dying notion; a really connected community that

exists to make a difference in the lives of everyone it touches.

We aren’t the biggest or the best. We don’t aspire to any of that. We exist to teach excellence in

being a human using the sport of soccer as our launch pad.

Excellence in humanity.

So that in moments where the pressure is on, like during a pandemic, a war, a climate crisis or

personal situations that may be difficult to discuss, the person shines and shows up to give of


That ‘s our story.

Soccer got us here.

And now this is my invitation to you.

Join us in giving of your time, treasure or talent.

We have built a club that wants you as an owner. Not for your money despite it costing

something, but because the more owners we have the bigger our community becomes and the

more people we have standing for a vision of togetherness. The bigger that community the more

we can go toe to toe with others in a world that seems broken.

Excellence in humanity.

We need to show the world what is possible. We need to be a beacon for hope. We need to

share the dreams of kids again and stop thinking of just our own. Local, of our community, for

our community, by our community. And it is welcome to all of those that will lean in and do a little

something to make the world a better place.

We use soccer because that’s what we know.

We need your voice.

Together Standing Strong

Together One


Become a member of the community and make your difference felt. For real.

Four of these very bad ball boys are now signed to Rovers.

An incredible picture for the little club that could.


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